After doing General BFB, I ran contact with Square H Bomb. I’ve read later it’s for remote. So I can’t use it contact mode?

Universal Square H-Bomb is an empty shell that is available in both Remote and Contact. It is NOT used for scanning. It is available for use when running scan results or various programs of your choice.

• DO NOT use Universal Square H-Bomb for the actual scanning process.
• You DO NOT need to change settings when using Shell (Empty) Presets such as this one. Just insert your programs or scans, and run.
• If you are highly sensitive, you would be better off to choose the "Healing - JW" shell for both killing and healing.

FYI: 20 volts is used for Contact and Remote Presets when using the Square H. Bomb preset by design.

For more details, please check this link:

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