I've been using Spooky2 over a year to treat a carcinoma and its frequency is 1,607.450 Hz. Is it possible to scan my body for this specific frequency to see if it still exists?

1. Wonder if muscle testing it would provide an answer.

You can make a custom program from File - create custom program
Then select biofeedback / grade scan. Programs tab select the program you just created. Run it on a grade scan. Have someone watch to see if your heart spikes. I would think it would be better in a small group of frequencies.

2. I've no way to know how you arrived at that frequency for the carcinoma, as there are many Programs related to "carcinoma" in the database, including several with different pathogens. It seems like it would be good to Grade Scan a number of these at a time to see which frequencies within the many programs may be most helpful in your specific case.

You can also do the above but with the optimize Biofeedback scan rather than grade scan which will fine tune/optimize that frequency to your body's needs.

For more details, please check this link:

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