Should I add some other healing programs when running Terrain - Mercury? Will I get “frequency poisoning” (herxing)?

1. You can not get “frequency poisoning”, if using the latest version remote and you are not running only one frequency over and over.

If this is what your internal instinct says you need to do then what am I to say differently. I do not see anything wrong with this safe plan of action. I am running Schumann Res Preset at the moment. Find it is soothing.

2. Frequency fatigue or poisoning(Herxing) is rare now.

3. I herxed a bit doing the detox, but for me, it was just enough to get my body used to the frequencies before diving in. It is much more user friendly now than when I got it. I recommend Terrain Protocol for most people.

4. Other things I incorporate to help facilitate detox are castor oil packs, sauna, foot detox bath, Epsom salt bath will add magnesium and clay baths will draw toxins out.

For more details, please check this link:

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    Sage Madrone

    Im really new ro this...its telling me esophigeal and lympoma. Where canbi get directives on exploring this???

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