Is there a maximum time for how long a program can be?

There is no maximum run time for a program or preset. But here are some guidelines. If you run a program or preset and your symptoms go away, you can stop. If you run something for 3 days and you see not improvement OR you don't experience any new detox symptoms, you ought to stop and find another program or preset to run. 

The Terrain protocol is a single chained preset that takes 11 days to run. In the Morgellons & Lyme Support folder are some presets that take as long as 222 days to run.

On the other hand, if you are running something and the symptoms become too intense, as if you are having major detox or herxing, I would stop and let yourself recover, and run it again when you are able to. Alternatively, you can lower the amplitude on the treatment to lessen its effect. For chained presets, you need to lower the amplitude on each element of the chain (for this use ChainEditor).

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