Can we run 2 generators in remote mode at same time for same issue by using fingernail? Will this have a multiplication effect?

1. It will not have a multiplication effect in remote mode. It would be the same as putting 2 nails into one remote. Every cell in the body would receive the frequency at the same time, not a duplication or multiplication of this frequency or power is applied.

And the idea of running the same program on 2 generators - could produce the same effect if it were all ran on one generator. In the programs tab, say you want to repeat the frequency or repeat the program the # of times you wish. Or increase the dwell time.

The user guide recommends to not go over 4 hours on your total program and one may be see better results to stay under 2 hours total program - then repeat continually.

2. My partner regularly runs the same scan combined with some liver and kidney programs across four remotes, offsetting the start times by five minutes. They run 24/7 before rescanning. We have been doing this for about a year with excellent results.

For more details, you can check this link:

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