Do I have a cancer if Biofeedback Scan reverse lookup shows a cancer?

1. Think of the scan as a roll call in class. Some students will shout back and raise their hand really high to answer roll call. Other students might whisper or barely move in response to their name. With this scan, however, the students are never diagnostic labels, but rather, vibrations per second. So the scan elicits feedback in the form of numbers. The body answers a numeric question with an electromagnetic response. In other words, the scan says what is needed. The reason why the body answers as it does will not always be known. It is just telling you what it needs right now. 

2. Biofeedback is to finding frequencies to which your body goes in resonance. With pulse scan they make the pulse go up with contact or angle scan they cause a difference to the average. 

With Biofeedback scan you get a list of frequencies as a result. With the frequencies you also get a number (most times a percentage) how much the e.g. pulse differs from your normal pulse. 
Spooky comes with a huge database of programs which list frequencies in context with a pathogen or an illness. 

Reverse lookup now looks for programs that have the found frequency. You can decide how close the frequencies found should be to the frequencies in the spooky databases, so they are named as result. 

So your scan found the frequency 100000Hz and the reverse lookup might bring all frequencies from 99900 to 100100Hz or all from 999999 to 100001Hz. The smaller range the less results. 

But still the results do not mean that you really have the pathogen in your body. 

Example that makes it clearer to you: 
Scanning is like looking through the advertisement of a supermarket and writing down the prices of all the things you would like to buy. 

Now you hand the price list to someone else who goes to the supermarket and has to buy all the stuff. 

Assume you wrote down 1,99$ for a pack of potatoes you wanted. 

He will come back with all grocery that have a price between 1,89$ and 2,09$ Most likely he will bring about 50 or more things and hopefully he also brought potatoes. 

Next time you will tell him to bring exactly only for price 1,99$ and still he will bring more than one. 

Only because he bought pashing powder for you it does not mean that you wanted washing powder.

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