Is there a way to make channel 1 the same Carrier wave say 3.3mhz (as in stays the same always) and channel 2 go through the list of frequencies like normal?

A true Rife frequency is one that devitalizes.

Whether you generate this directly, or via a sideband does not matter.

Think about it. Rife states only one frequency was necessary to devitalize an organism. He proved this over all the data he amassed and only stated that two frequencies were required when dealing with TB. One for each form of TB -- virus and rod.

So this marketing ploy to say that a true rife machine must use a carrier and a sideband is pure bad information.

In some cases they are correct. If your plasma device has a frequency limit of say 400,000 kHz, then the only way you can hit the target MOR of 1.604 MHz for BX is via sidebands off a carrier.

This is more a testament to the capabilities of the device, nothing else.

Rife's first 3 machines were not sideband machines. Hoyland added this later and in my opinion, messed everything up. He obfuscated what frequency was actually doing the work.

If researcher A had a carrier of 3.3 MHz, and researcher B had a carrier of 3.1 MHz, and both used a modulation value of 500 Hz, each would produce a unique set of frequencies.

One may have had results while the other did not. It doesn't take much thought to see the reason why.

Hoyland would send out different sets of carrier modulation values depending on the machine the person had to match it to produce the correct frequency. However, researchers did not know this and when they shared notes had different outcomes and it polluted the results and research.

Holland is a modern day researcher who never referred to Rife in his work. His cancer cell devitalization method was never reproduced by us common researchers, primarily because his carrier frequency was like 28 MHz. We don't have access to that type of gear. The use of the 11th harmonic was touted as having increased the efficacy rate.

Sticking to Rife's research, the 11th is unnecessary if you have the correct MOR (frequency).

Spooky Central/Plasma does not need a carrier because it is not limited to 400 kHz. It can go all the way to 3.5 MHz directly.

However, it is important to recognize that if your frequency list is not a MOR but a modulator, that you will need to use it as such. The question is what carrier wave frequency was used with that modulation. This is rarely recorded in any frequency list.

To recreate the effect on contact/remote you need to modulate the higher frequency, not frequency add.

The boost only does frequency addition.

Use of Modulate F2 using F1 gives you some options, but the carrier is going to be dynamic, not fixed. A function of software-based modulation using arbitrary waveforms -- not possible to just code something to make this happen.

Using the GX you can modulate Out 1 using Out 2 (hardware based), so you can replicate it on contact/remote if necessary.

Many options, just need to know why you are using it and what the end result you are after is.

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