My cat stopped eating and drinking. Blood results showed severe anemia, and the red cells not regenerating: strongly indicating Feline immune deficiency virus (FIV). I put her on several FIV programs via plasma. How long should I continue treating daily?

1. The remotes could be left running until you know more. Perhaps the plasma could be 'offered'? and/or run until the cat wishes to leave the field?

How long before a follow-up with the Vet? Without being able to muscle test, you will need to go by your cat's reactions and what shows up in the blood tests. Maybe your Vet will give you some complementary (free) work-ups in exchange for documentation of the Rife therapy.

2. Make sure to include claw clipping samples in each remote (they can be tiny - each as a separate sample in its own masking tape). You may also note - with claws/nails there no need to swap those out with "fresh" samples as regularly. Maybe once every three months - but, in many cases you can go much longer with no noticeable efficacy drop off, whereas, with fur/hair the longevity can be variable. By using the long-term claw clippings concurrently, alongside the daily fur sample swap - might just bring your remote efficacy up a notch.

3. Are you running programs for anemia as well?

Do you have GeneratorX and Sample Digitizer? If so ask Vet if they can put a blood sample on both Sample Plates. 

Wrap Sample plates in aluminum foil and seal for transport. Try and keep sample plates at about 100 degrees fahrenheit to keep bugs happy until you can scan them. Bugs also like a low oxygen environment.

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