I had blood transfusion 3-4 weeks ago. When you get blood you get the other person’s DNA. Does anybody know how will this affect the remote treatment?

This should not affect things if you are using a fingernail for your DNA. While the new blood had some foreign DNA, your body DNA doesn't not change, so the fingernail ought to transit the frequencies as before the transfusion.

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    Jaan Suurküla

    No DNA is transferred in blood transfusion.

    The red blood corpuscles don't have DNA. They are about 4 million/mm3. The other cells in normal blood, the white blood cells, contain DNA but are a very small part of the cells in the blood, being about 4-10.000/mm3 and are eliminated before blood transfusion (so-called leukoreduction).

    So transfused blood does not contain any significant amount of DNA. 

    Dr Jaan




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