My heartbeat is irregular and I’d like to perform a biofeedback scan with Pulse. It takes a long time before this scan will finish while the heartbeat is irregular. Is there a way to perform the scan so it won't take more than 2 hours before finishing?

Yes, irregular heartbeat does cause complications.

Spooky2 Pulse scans require that each measurement fit into a window to be considered valid. This window is defined on the System tab using Spooky Pulse Limits.

The defaults are Min BPM of 30, Max BPM of 130, and Max HRV (change) of 20. One can change these values to help, so long as you don't take it to extremes. One option to try to start is to double the HRV value from 20 to 40.

When a reading falls outside of these parameters, it takes 3 consecutive readings before Spooky2 will resume the scan.

As you can see, this is the area that causes the most delay in a scan. Especially if while trying to get 3 consecutive valid reads, another measurement comes in outside of the window of tolerance.

Due to the fact that extreme readings are filtered out, if you complete a scan even with an irregular heart beat, the results are still very usable.

To help further, in the system are quarter scans which break up the scan range up into 4 shorter scans. They may still take a while with an irregular heart beat, but should be more manageable. While it is true that obtaining the top 5 frequency responses in each quarter section of an octal scan is not exactly the same as the top 20 of a full octal scan, it is better than no data at all.

Perhaps your top 20 responses would have been from the top end of the full octal scan. Over time you would have eventually gotten to those frequencies at the bottom area of the scan that show up earlier due to quarter scans. However, performing quarter scans over time would still peel away the layers and provide nearly the same outcome.

I hope the two options indicated above help you out. For some, due to irregular heart beats, the Pulse is just not viable. For those who had this issue and obtained the GX when it came out, were grateful to finally have an alternative method to conduct biofeedback scans. For some, their improvement rate was drastically changed after being able to incorporate biofeedback on a more regular basis.

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