Is it best to do a sample digitized scan of blood/ saliva of the cancer patient? Or do a Spooky2 Pulse scan which takes longer?

Members using GenX get different BFB results even when they run a scan soon after a scan completes. So when they get different results they think GenX is inaccurate. 

GenX reports the result of each frequency sent to the body and the body simply responds by resonating to the frequency or it doesn't. GenX BFB isn't affected so much by movement of the test subject or external disturbances to the test subject.

The frequency range GenX BFB tests is 41,000HZ (41KHz) to 18,000,000Hz (18 MHz) while Spooky Pulse BFB has a much narrower test range 76,000Hz (76KHz) to 152,000Hz (152KHz). 

Typically GenX BFB takes about 6 minutes to complete a scan while Spooky Pulse BFB takes about one hour to complete a scan. Spooky Pulse BFB takes longer to scan as it is detecting changes to the body's pulse. Spooky Pulse BFB scan times are affected by the test subject's pulse rate, any movement by the test subject, and external disturbances can also effect scan results. 

Spooky Pulse BFB has an advantage over GenX BFB when doing a full body scan or when scanning across a larger distance. GenX achieves more accurate results the closer the electrodes are closer together and the shorter the connection or cable is. When the Sample Digitizer is connected directly to OUT1 (either generator) on GenX the better it will perform. As GenX can test higher frequencies in the MHz region, its' BFB system becomes prone to external electrical interference. Also as frequency increases especially in the high MHz region, the output amplitude of the generator decreases. 

Another factor affecting GenX BFB results is the effect of standing waves being reflected back to the generator output. Fitting a 50 ohm termination as close as possible to the electrode end of the (Tens cable/Coaxial cable) connection helps to reduce the effect of standing waves. 

Another factor that may affect GenX BFB results will be how fresh the test sample is. Over time pathogens will die if their environment has changed. 

Another factor that can affect scan results is that the body is dynamic in nature and that the pathogen population can change as the environment inside the body changes.

Another factor that could affect scan results is that the test frequencies even for a short time duration may reduce the population of a particular pathogen so that it no longer appears in the hit list (top 10 or top 20).

Another factor affecting GenX BFB results will be the Threshold setting. The lower you set the Threshold setting, the closer you get to the noise floor of the BFB system.

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