How many Gauss the PEMF coil produces when connected to the Spooky Boost?

Unfortunately, I do not think anyone has an accurate measurements for the PEMF when wired directly to the generator, as it was never designed for this use. It was designed for use with the Spooky Central.

The use of PEMF direct to generator was an afterthought, and a means provided to connect was crated after user requests were made.

The generator was never designed to drive PEMF, but as it turns out it is possible to wire it up and provide enough power to do entrainment modalities.

What I can tell you is the following:

MiraMate MiniMagic = 200+ Gauss 
Plasma PEMF Output = Around 200 Gauss 
Wired directly to the generator = less than 200 Gauss 

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