I just started the terrain preset for the first time. I would very much like to know what exactly is being run. For example is there a place where I can see a list of what the frequencies are for? What metals are being run, chemicals, etc?

The Terrain preset has additional information in the notes box that you see when you select it.

I know that it has a terrible amount of information, so I've retrieved the relevant section for your review.

The presets have the following frequency sets in use.

Cleanse Blood: Lymphangitis - CAFL, Streptococcus Pyogenes - CAFL
Intestinal Parasites: Detox 2 Parasites in the Intestines - CAFL
Kidney and Liver Toxins: Detox 3 Toxins in the Kidneys and Liver - PROV
Kidney Function 1: Kidney Function Balance - XTRA
Kidney Function 2: Kidney Insufficiency - CAFL
Lymphatic System 1: Lymphs and Detox - PROV
Lymphatic System 2: Lymph Support - CAFL
Parasites and Liver Function: Liver 1 - PROV, Liver 2 - PROV, Liver Flukes - CAFL, Liver Function Balance - XTRA
Remove Chemical Materials: Detox Pesticide - XTRA, Detox Fluoride - XTRA
Remove Intestinal Toxins: Detox 1 Toxins in the Intestines - CAFL
Remove Metals: Arsenic as - XTRA, Mercury Toxicity V - CAFL, Heavy Metal Toxicity - XTRA
Remove Systemic Toxins 1: Detox Toxic Proteins - XTRA, Detox Toxins Elimination 1 - XTRA
Remove Systemic Toxins 2: Detox Toxins Elimination 2 - XTRA
Remove Systemic Toxins 3: Detox 4 Toxins Throughout the Body - CAFL

To look at the sets closer, just type one of them into the search box on the Programs tab.

For instance Day 1 and Day 2 run Remove Metals.

I see above that Remove Metals is composed of Arsenic as - XTRA, Mercury Toxicity V - CAFL, and Heavy Metal Toxicity - XTRA

Pulling each of those 3 frequency programs up, I get the following:

Arsenic as - 364.56, 393, 16724.61 Hz
Mercury Toxicity V - 47, 48, 49, 75 Hz
Heavy Metal Toxicity - 317, 1902, 4202.3 ,5333.69, 9887, 14164.1, 15952.79, 19007.15, 19007.2, 19169.38, 19516.29, 21822.15 Hz

For more details, please check the link:

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