Has anyone been aware of Hanta virus? If you've ever had rodents on your property, you may be at risk. Apparently the rodent droppings carry it. The virus is on dust in boxes. If you run Hanta virus settings, will that clear your house?

1. GeneratorX & Sample Digitizer blood sample should nail it!

2. People with fully functioning immune systems would most likely not have to worry about this virus unless there was an overdose of contamination...like cleaning out an old barn or something. 
If one were in a probable contamination area, one could probably run frequency sets for this occasionally as a preventative.

I know I have had Hanta Virus come up on radionics analysis in the past. Whether it is from exposure as a kid (barns plus the adventures of field mice catch and release) or recent exposure (cleaning up Palm trees) I don't know. I have never investigated if this virus lies dormant in the body waiting for the right conditions to activate.

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