Is it possible to eliminate from the organism the microplastics that come from fish, shellfish, sea salt...? These microplastics are present in more than 90% in the of bottled water.

1. Search Programs for "plastic" (without quotes).
Suggest Detox Maintenance Preset and add Plastic detox programs to it and save as a custom preset for future use.

2. Also, under \Newport Adaptations\ in the Presets tab are Plastic Detox presets for Remote, Contact, Plasma, and Laser, for GX and XM.

Drinking Effective Microorganisms will eat the plastics in your digestive system, either EM-1 or a product like this: SCD Essential Probiotics - 16.3 fl oz or this: Pro EM-1 Daily Probiotic Cleanse 16oz.

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