Is Spooky2-XM generator rifing with AC or DC? 

They are talking about high voltage AC at a steady frequency for long periods of time. That will tend to mutate cells and promote cancer and variations in the genetic structures similar to livestock and vegetation under high tension power lines.

If you are rifing as in the books and such then you should be safe. as safe as the rest of us, but then again, everyone is different and there are no long term effects that most of us are unaware of. As a rifer you are never really on any given frequency for very long or at very high potential, and the longest time you are on any frequency is the time it takes to kill Mr. pathogen, who we assume you want dead anyway. You should be safe weather AC or DC is used. AC because it takes that to give you frequency, and pulsing DC to also give frequency. Some folks like to offset the frequency above zero volts(which is pulsing dc), they think this is better than standard no offset, that is your choice. The equipment gives you options, many, many options, and you should stick to the standard ones until you know what all the options are and are experimenting with them as you go. It is always better to be safe. But remember, Nicola Tesla was in some form of AC electromagnetic field for most of his life, he passed in his 80's, from old age.

As far as the laser and PEMF go, you are safe, as you are as you are surrounded by these signals daily already. And the remote is safe as well as you are entangled with your DNA anyway no matter where it has fallen off you where ever you are. With the remote you are just concentrating the signal to your entangled DNA along with intention as well.

So you can rest assured it is as safe as can be, have at it.

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