Why don't everyone with a Spooky2 or hundreds more get one person's DNA in each remote and run the same program to repair that one person? What would happen? What would be the result ?

If you run multiple remote gens on the same nail the same exact program at the same time, the body receives the frequency 1x. 

If you staggered all the gens by 5 minutes (default dwell is 3 minutes so this gives a 2 min break between frequencies), then the frequency received is pounding on just about the same as if you loaded 1 gen with 1 or 2 frequencies and repeated it 100x (or whatever # generators you are using).

Must beware of repeating the same frequency due to frequency toxicity which is running a frequency too many times over and over then Herxing from it. 

One can also over kill and have too much die off. This die off can resettle in the body if it is more than the body can get rid of and make one sick.


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