Can the less primitive Spooky Remote scan as well as transmit with GeneratorX? 

1. The present remote can not work as a scan, since the distance between two plates is too big. No Spooky Remotes can scan for this reason.

2. The SD does not scan remotely. It scans the local sample using conventional and traditional properties of electricity and classic physics. The ability to detect largely depends on the quality of the sample. If the sample does not contain what you are looking for, it will not go through the sample and scan the body to find it.

While it can serve as a remote at the same time (the transfer of information to the body being enabled by the fact that your sample also has DNA) the remote properties are similar in principle to the very first remote. It does not carry with it the efficacy rates that have been gained by the advancement of the remote design which alter the remote too much to enable it to act as a scanner.

It would be a interesting and challenging feat to maintain the properties that allow for a scan, while incorporate the design elements that boost the efficacy rates of the remote.

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