My Fiancee has a plastic kneecap. Will the Spooky2 XM generator interfere with this? If not, will contact mode be helpful more than remote?

1. I see no reason the spooky should interfere with a plastic kneecap. I also think the contact is much better than the remote, but then again, due to the way the remote works, and the fact we are not really sure the way the remote is affecting change yet, I would say use both when possible as to cover all bases. Or at least use remote when not using contact. A lot of folks here have great success with both and some more success with one way over another, but both ways combined are even better.

2. Consider adding Plastics Detox XTRA and Detox Plastic 2 XTRA programs.
Select Detox\Remote\Detox Maintenance (R) - JK
add the two plastic detox programs and save the Preset as say "Detox Maintenance & Plastics" (without quotes).

For more details, please check the link:

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