It's Time to buy Spooky2 for 'SIBO'. Which setup/kit should I buy? I want powerful killing, faster biofeedback, PEMF too.

Obviously, the GenX needs to be a part to get the faster biofeedback scans.
PEMF coil is needed to get it - whether you have the Plasma unit to be more powerful or connect it to a High Power Output from a Boost for a lower output than Plasma provides is your choice.

The Plasma modality is the strongest. Also, some of SIBO's tenacity is due to its biofilm characteristic in which pathogens band together to protect each other in a community which keeps the immune system from attacking it successfully. Breaking up biofilms is possible with Remote, but should go significantly faster with Plasma.

As for total number of generators to purchase, this is up to the individual and his budget. Many of us utilize 10 to 20 generators total to run many healing, detox, and some re-enforcement Killing via Remote while doing a major killing either via Plasma or Contact. Again, this is up to the individual, so I don't attempt to tell anyone how much gear they should purchase, just what I've heard used.

I started with 2 generators, and quickly added 4 more due to the success I had, and have added 4 subsequent to that as well as Central. I don't think I have too much as I keep finding new ways to keep it all busy.

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