We see RO1 Metals and Chemicals - DB and it shows Mercury Toxicity (CAFL).  Is it possible to remove this Mercury program? Also, within the Morgellons and Lyme Protocol R01 is a program Heavy Metal Toxicity (XTRA). What metals is it addressing?

1. If you've already done the Terrain protocol, you can skip to the step with R05/C05/P05. 

2. I believe the Heavy Metal toxicity has a frequency in common with Mercury Toxicity V. 

The author believed that these mercury frequencies would not free up mercury in amalgam fillings, but only help the body detox mercury. But enough people were concerned about amalgam fillings that I provided a mercury free terrain protocol. I personally believe that the more you detox mercury from your body, the healthier your body will be. But do the mercury frequencies affect amalgam? I don't know.

3. IMO run the Terrain Protocol minus the Mercury and for the first week use activated charcoal to remove heavy metals and chemicals. Then you need to restore your essential minerals. You could try Pink Himalayan salt to restore the essential minerals.

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