Can Spooky2 neutralize the negative energy around you? As living in an emotionally toxic environment and hoping to clear the negativity that personally affects you before moving on to working on yourself in other areas (physical and emotional)?

There are 3 major modes of Spooky use: Remote, Contact and Plasma.

Remote sends frequencies to each cell, so will only affect the individual(s) whose DNA is within the Remote.

Contact sends frequencies (via current) through the individual the contacts are attached to.

Plasma sends frequencies through the air via Plasma energy. As such, this is the ONLY modality that has a chance to affect a whole room or area covered by the energy of the bulb. As to whether it can clear a room of negative energy - whatever that means, is debatable.

There are frequencies for Joy, etc., so it may be possible to have some affect, but if someone is angry, it will be up to them to change their attitude - although, Spooky may help with other problems making it easier for this change to take place - although, I wouldn't expect it to be "instant".

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