What presets should one use to run frequencies such as calming and other mind related programs? Also when I choose to run a frequency such as 10979187.32, it states the generators output is 1372398.42? Does anyone know why?

The issue in this case is that the software is smart enough to know that the XM has an upper limit of 5MHz. The frequency you are trying to run is 10+MHz. As such, the frequency will be divided by 8 (one Octave) to it runs the first Octave below the real frequency. It will still be the same note, so will stimulate some.

If you use Wave Cycle Multiplier, of 3, the software should put 3 cycles into each wave cycle, so this number would be the primary divided by 3, but the wave sent to Remote would be the real frequency.

The GeneratorX has a higher frequency output range, so could deal with up to 40MHz without issue.

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