The Traditional Chinese Medicine doctor says I am in deficiency of blood and qi (or chi). In traditional Chinese culture, qi is believed to be a vital force forming part of any living thing. How to setup Spooky Central and what frequencies to use?

1. I can't tell you how to setup Central as I don't have you. There are videos on the website and Youtube that guides you through. As for frequencies, there are lots of options:
1). Herbs - such as gingseng, cordyceps, etc
2). Tonic - search "tonic" under programs
3). Meridian and chakra programs.

Do you have other issues that are caused to some virus or bacteria? If there is infection such EPV, Lyme, etc you have to clear them before your body can recover. For this you have to do research or use XM generators to scan, and run the scan results.

I understand that you can feel lost at the beginning, but there are lots of helpful people to answer your questions on the Facebook. You will get faster response from Facebook.

I forgot to mention that running detox will be important, especially if you have been taking lots of western medicine.

Spooky2 machine empower individuals to take care of their health instead of just relying on doctors (Western or Chinese).
To do that, you have to read and read. Besides Spooky related materials, there are tons of information on natural health website. 

It can be overwhelming at first, but you will begin to feel more confident as you understand and experience more of the effectiveness of natural medicine. At that time, you can start to help your family and friends.

2. I would suggest researching the Spleen as I believe this organ has the relationship to Qi (Chi). Frequency Sets for Chakras might be helpful for boosting the Life Force.

What has TCM done for you? Acupuncture? Herbs? Has there been an improvement? Have you been told you have parasites (which they determine by a point on the leg)? What have you been told about Liver and/or Kidney?

3. In my experience these things help :
1) Go into the Sun or take 500 ug (Microgram) Vitamin D daily.
2) Do a detox (with a herb composition called "Essiac"). After the "Herx"-Reaction I have earned more "Chi".
3) Copper (Copper Colloid) has caused a light "Herx"-Reation, but after this it seems I have also more (life-) energy.

For more details, please check the link:

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