I am just getting familiar with Spooky 2 Starter’s kit. I have one program going 'maintenance detox remote.' I do not know how to switch that out and put in another program. 

1. In the Control tab, click the STOP button. Up in the top right-hand corner, click the X in the little red box. You'll now see all your generator icons showing (or only one, if that's all you have).

2. Click the Presets tab. You should see a list of items, starting at the top with Biofeedback, then Cancer, Detox, Environmental etc etc etc. (If you don't see this list, click the little "Home" icon and it will appear.)

3. Choose and click something relevant from that list. For instance, you might choose "Miscellaneous", and inside that folder will be another list, such as Coil, Contact, Plasma, Remote. Let's say you want to run something on Remote, then click Remote. 

4. From the list of ready-made presets that appears, click the one you want. For instance, "Broad Spectrum Antibiotic (R) - JK".

5. Now click the Control tab. Tick "Allow Generator Overwrites". Click the relevant generator icon.

6. Your new preset will appear in the subsequent window, and all you have to do now is click START. 

You'll find all these instructions in the Guide. However, sometimes it gets a bit confusing when you're not used to it. Take things one step at a time and, before long, you'll know your way around.

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