With General Healing Frequencies like eye sight, hearing, Muscle growth, anti age etc. Can you do too much of these or can you run a single one on Remote 24/7?

I have been a Spooky2 user for some time and generally tried to put in what I could and stayed within the 4 hour duration. But I have now, through much use, find that designating one generator to one SPECIFIC ISSUE (which may contain several frequencies) and having a run time of 60 to no more than 90 minutes has by far brought far more benefits. Some are even stand alone. Chakra 2 crown is a standalone on one generator and has been the best I have found for emotional feeling of well being in my experience. Instead of throwing the book at it, as I had done in the past, I now turn the book of health one page at a time. So simple, yet escapes many users. I also take breaks and run the 3 frequency fatigue sets that only total 34 minutes. In the end my analogy is this. When cooking, spices are good but using them all at once would defeat your purpose. 

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