How can I know where I am weak or where to pay attention by reading the biofeedback frequency hits? 

You can do a reverse look up and see the conditions in the database that also has the same frequency. 

You can view the results like this:
The frequency returned is like the prescription the doctor gives. Its what your body needs. 

The reverse look up is like the prescription's pamphlet that says this Rx is for these many conditions. 

Which one do you have? If a doctor has diagnosed you, you can find it. Like I have Lyme and I see Lyme conditions. But I also see cancer and strange conditions. 

The goal is to trust your body in what it says it needs. God designed our bodies to heal itself. It says it needs this frequency then run the frequency. 

If you chart the frequencies, you will see the next time you do a bioscan they fall down the list or drop off completely as other frequencies are then needed the most.

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