I have a client that's very interested in all of the beauty related fife frequencies published on Youtube under "Spooky2 Rife" and asking me how she can get them programmed into her Spooky Remotes. How do I find these frequencies and provide them to her?

1. You can do a search at the following webpage for the term: facial toning
and you will find two frequencies. 


2. I am going to go out on a limb here and suggest that frequency sets for facial toning may not provide results that someone might be looking for. In my opinion (just my opinion here), any outer skin benefits are going to come from removing toxins, parasites, and any other 'crap' that is creating inflammation. Using frequencies to 'tone' the body's organs and systems will eventually reflect in outward appearance. So, I would venture that in the long run, Spooky is a good investment for overall health but if someone really wants results in the collagen and elastin department, it is my opinion that other options will need to be investigated. I would love to find out that I am incorrect and that Spooky's database will help me look five years younger. 

As for dealing with the wrinkles, I think there are some micro current devices that may be helpful (but you have to know what to buy and you have to use one daily), there are some non-invasive frequency based treatments available from licensed estheticians and/or plastic surgeon's offices, and there is a brand new (to the USA but started in Europe I believe) "fibroblast" treatment that looks viable (but a good practitioner is probably a must for results that justify the cost). 

There is no such thing as coincidence I tell you. It must be important to give this a try because I *just now* came across exactly the frequencies asked about. (I have been cleaning my office for weeks and I was going thru a file of Rife Notes I'd taken from Nenah Sylver's book.)

The facial toning frequencies are 1.2 and 250

Go for it!

For more details, please check the link:

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