What can be done for fractured clivus on top of spine under skull? Can Song of Spine be done via remote? Brother in law hasn't been able to eat for 4 yrs, so he's fed through a tube in abdomen.

We are generally not able to provide specific assistance. The best to do is to try the program(s) in question.

Yes, all programs are usable via Remote. Presets are specific to the mode the Settings are set up for, but some may be modified for other modes. 

Kundalini Preset is setup for Remote, so it may be implemented to see how much benefit the person may get from it. Remember, that remote works via repetition, so it should run for 120 to 150 repeats before even considering whether it is helping or not - although there may be indications sooner... 

Also, someone needs to monitor closely to know whether the user is handling the remote application well or whether it is too much, too quick.

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