What's stopping the frequencies doing damage to the positive species in my gut flora for example?

1. Nothing is stopping you from targeting good flora. No one has identified all the good flora and their associated frequencies.

If you happen to do a sweep for instance, and kill off both bad and good flora, the best you can hope for is that you do so in similar ratios.

What is left will try to repopulate. If you are supplementing/replenishing your good flora with a health diet, the good flora can repopulate faster and overtake the bad over time and restore a healthy balance.

If everyone was killing off the good flora to unhealthy levels, I'm sure you would have plenty to read about by now.

2. I will say nick that I was running a plasma session about 2 months ago like normal in my living room ,my wife was on her computer 10 feet away, and she felt a "vibration" in her "gut". The next day she was constipated. I was not, so various frequencies will kill varying pathogens, some you have and some you do not. I have killed some of my "gut" bacteria as well with her plasma runs. It is followed by constipation, and if you are like me, I take a pro-biotic every third day or so, but not less than at least once a week. It happens... some pathogens frequencies will be close enough to some beneficial pathogen frequencies to have some die off. Every time you get diarrhea, you flush them out and have to rebuild anyway. Good healthy greens and such and/or probiotics fixes this issue.

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