Half way through the 2nd day of the terrain protocol, I developed a raging case of diarrhea. Is this normal, or should I be checking something else? 

1. It sounds to me like a temporarily issue (detox), just keep "an eye" on it, it should be improve after some days.

2. FYI, as if the regular flu hasn't been a nightmare for months, there is also a stomach flu/virus/something going around and its pretty heavy duty. I got it and I normally have a cast iron digestive tract. I was on vacation and didn't have any equipment or supplements so I had to suffer the old fashioned way and that crap lasted a week.  I lost five pounds. A co-worker had it and she had to go to the doctor for treatment for dehydration.

So, you maybe have a herx happening and you maybe have whatever this other crap is (bloodwork did not determine what my co-worker had. Doctors told her it just had to run its course ). In any case, you may want to stop rifing until you feel better and then begin again slowly. If your symptoms do not abate, you may need to check in with a doctor to make sure you don't suffer from dehydration.

PS....try eating a little coconut.

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