How come that when treating mold the specimen of the mold and fingernail is needed? And when I want to target the mold in the environment do I need to choose the mold frequencies of the database? Or are these frequencies meant for molds in my body?

1) If using a nail sample, the frequencies will go to the owner.

If targeting mold, it will only target any mold already present in the owner of the DNA, but not in the environment.

To target mold in the environment, you will need a sample.

This should target all mold that is genetically identical to the mold sample, whether it is in the environment or within those in the environment.

Since mold mutates like any other living organism, it will not target all mold, just the mold that is of the same growth colony.

Furthermore, you probably do not want to mix human DNA with a mold sample in a remote.

Since the act of targeting the mold sample in the remote will most likely also degrade the mold sample in the remote quicker, you may wish to change your sample weekly.

Obtaining fresh mold samples also helps ensure you cover other mold specimens that may have not been in the prior sample.

2) The mold frequencies will attempt to target mold regardless.

The trick is finding the right frequency for the mold in question.

You may run into a reference to run a spectrum sweep to try and target mold, as this will hit every frequency at some point from 1 Hz - 3.2 Million Hz.

Targeted is better if you get the correct match, otherwise a sweep is the next best thing.

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