Are there some things I need to pay attention for accurate GeneratorX scan?

Just a few key points for consideration:

1. Contact based scans (GX) have to be driven with enough current.

Meaning, you must use the boosted High Power Port. It will not work as good via Out 1 directly. Use of the CS port will restrict current and render an invalid scan.

2. The accuracy of the scan can be determined by overlapping the raw data from the scan on top of each other -- not by the frequencies you have returned.

The body is a dynamic and moving target. Blood is flowing, your scan's will have fluctuations in the data due to this, resulting in some variation to the reported frequencies.

The data plot; however, will match. It will not match someone else's data plot.

3. Your hits are not %. This is the change from baseline.

If your body does not conduct current well to start with, your hits will be based on smaller peaks.

However, those peaks will still be greater than all the rest.

Just because someone else scores a .5 but had fluctuations between 0 and 0.5 does not mean your .1 is no less a hit if your fluctuations only were from 0 to 0.1.

4. The best way to validate the frequencies is to use them.

Stop over analyzing the data and throwing out responses because it does not meet your filters.

Do feel free to continue to investigate the means that the data is acquired. Once you can see the process for what it is, and how it works, assumption based analytics goes out the window and more articulated means of processing the data come into play.

This is when you have the means to manipulate the results at will.

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