Would for instance Octal give any harmonics if I'm using the Sine waveform? What harmonics would be generated to, let's say 1000 Hz, using Octal with the Sawtooth waveform?

Yes, sine wave do not produce harmonics, but octal resonance is different.

1000 Hz via a sine wave will still have the ability to resonate a 2000 Hz target, because it has the ability to hit every other node. 1000 is half as many nodes as 2000, and it lines up exactly on every other node. Of course 2000 Hz would resonate better as it has more power delivered than 1000 when used at the same power levels.

Sawtooth generates both odd and even harmonics, meaning the following:

F1, F2, F3, F4, F5, etc...

Where F = the fundamental frequency, and the multiplier denotes either odd or even values.

For contrast, and square wave with 50% duty cycle would only produce odd harmonics -- F1, F3, F5, F7, etc...

Each waveform has a different spectrum output; but in general, the further away from the fundamental frequency, less power is retained. So F7 would have less power than F1 in the square wave, but even less power using the sawtooth because the even harmonics are in between.

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