My remote lights are not working when they are attached to the new GenX. Is there something wrong with my new generator or are the lights not going to work with the GenX? I have run biofeedback scans with success.

We would need to see what program/preset you were running to analyse what the expected behavior should be, as not everything will light the LEDs, although most does.

As for voltage measures, without an oscilloscope, it is not easy to actually measure voltage.

Voltage meters are calibrated for sine waves at 50/60 Hz.

Again depending on what you are running, it will affect what a standard volt meter may register.

Perhaps run the Generator Signal Test (R) - JW preset found in the Miscellaneous collection as it is designed to make the remote light up bright and blink back and forth 4 times a second.

Also ensure that the boost connections are secure and the remote is in the BN port.

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