I have been to see several doctors and now have cysts forming. I also believe I might be developing tumours according to spooky 2 biofeedback. The programs are set as 3 minute per frequency. Do I need to up the time per frequency?

Firstly, you cannot use Spooky Biofeedback as a diagnoses tool. If the reverse lookup shows tumor results, or any disease for that matter, it does not mean that you have the disease. There are many common frequencies that are shared by many programs in the database. For instance, if you search for 787 you will see it is included in 883 programs! The reverse lookup function really has no use besides it *possibly* confirming a diagnosis that you already have.

As for increasing the time per frequency, you are welcome to do so. When we runs programs in remote mode we generally loop the programs 24 hours a day, so each frequency is running multiple times. When I run programs in contact mode I generally run the programs looped all night long while I sleep. Obviously you will have to gauge how you are feeling because too much killing can place a burden on your body. I personally have never experienced any negative reactions from running remote 24x7 for months, nor have I experienced any negative reactions from running contact mode 8 hrs a night, and sometimes all day as well while I sit at my computer working. But I am generally in good health, so you will have to monitor how you feel.

There are one or two results for "cyst" on the Spooyk2 Reviews site at:

And there are many posts mentioning cyst on this forum, but you will have to wade through them to see if there is anything useful:

Hope this helps.

For more details, please check the link:

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