I just bought an extra generator but am in the middle of running a program. Do I have to wait for it to end to add it because I may have to restart?

Unfortunately the answer is somewhat a yes.

To add a generator requires that you shut down the software, add the new generator, and then restart the software.

The no part is that you do not have to wait if you luck out.

What I mean by this is if you stop the generator to shut down, it will remember where it left off.

Use of global resume will start it back up where it left off.

However, if by adding the new generator, the port #s change, then this won't work.

It is a 50/50 chance that the port numbers will or will not change, as this is really up to the OS and the type of HUB you are using.

So either wait till it finishes, or take note of where you are at so you can resume if the global resume does not work.

For instance, if it is a simple repetitive remote program, and you wanted to run it for say 120 repetitions, and it is 30 loops in. You could always reset it manually to run 90 repetitions when restarting.

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