Why would biofeedback scan frequencies jump all around instead of going in consecutive ascending order? I changed the max hits to 20, would that effect the single scan setting? 

1) Make sure single scan is checked.

Sounds like after finding the hits, it was going back to optimize each hit, which is what would happen if you do not use single scan.

Doubles or more, the time of the scan as well. Depends on how many max hits to find you have set.

2) It would explain why a half scan (30 min), which normally would double to 1hr (not a single scan) with 10 hits to return, would report back 1hr 30m for the scan (not single scan).

It takes 1 hr on average to scan all 3800 frequencies (full scan).

It takes 1 hr on average to optimize 20 hits.

I checked all the half and quarter scan presets, and the single scan is checked.

However, sometimes it can get unset, so good to always validate it is still checked before clicking scan.

I once had a full scan take 2 hrs and some 16 minutes, because I missed it myself. Have to back over my notes to get the exact time.

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