When I go to c:/Spooky2/Scans and open the BFB file for the graded scan I just ran, it has the headers but no information. I want to graph my results in Excel but there is no data. 

A biofeedback scan will take and measure each frequency and record the raw data, which is then analyzed to produce a list of frequencies.

This data is saved so that one can re-analyse the data in various ways to pull out frequencies (angle, current, etc.).

A grade scan just measures the response for each frequency and sorts them as your results. The #s you see in the () is the raw data for that grade scan operation.

Nothing is saved, as there is nothing to re-analyse.

To save them in a BFB file would not be complete or valid for the analyse function.

Please also realize that a grade scan's results does not mean that these frequencies are what your body responded to (misnomer).

Only that those top frequencies were the ones that you responded to the most out of all that you looked at.

Your body responded to them all to some degree or another, which can be measured -- even if all 90+ responses were not particularly resonant -- does not guarantee those top hits are going to be efficacious.

The only thing that the grade scan did was say these frequencies out of a limited set have the best chance of doing work.

The more data you feed the grade scan, the better the results obtained.

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