I know that biofeedback scan can be done in contact and remote mode. What mode provides the best accurate results?

1. GeneratorX can only do Contact Biofeedback (BFB).
XM Generator can do both Contact BFB and Remote BFB.

When doing a BFB scan using Contact electrodes you are relying on the current path between the two electrodes passing through the organs you want to scan. When you do a BFB scan using Remote you are communicating with your whole body at the cellular level. So Contact could miss reporting an issue that Remote can detect. Another thing to consider is the signal to noise ratio between the two methods. The method that reports frequency hits with a greater separation between noise and a signal should produce the best results. You would need to analyze your scan data using both methods after doing a series of scans to come up with an answer. Maybe doing both types of scans would yield the best results.

2. The pulse unit BFB scan can be done in contact and remote mode. The new GX BFB scan can only be done in contact. Note that the GX can do both the pulse BFB scan as well as the GX BFB scan. The XM can only do the pulse BFB scan.

There is a bit more to it than a simple answer such as one is more accurate than the other. Each one has its' purposes.

Perhaps the bigger problem is the larger increase in time needed to do a pulse scan with bigger ranges of scans.

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