Spooky2 Remote on GeneratorX doesn’t light up.

1. Please change another good Spooky Boost and Spooky Remote to try again.

2. Please make sure you use 12V power supply. Don’t use Spooky Quad 5V Power Supply and Spooky XM generator power supply.

If these can’t solve your problem, please email to support@spooky2-mall.com, our customer service will solve the problem for you.

3. Under ‘Miscellaneous’ do a signal test for Remote.

4. If it is a fast frequency like those generated by the GX scan, the lights will seem to be unlit, but the unit will probably be functioning normally. Try low frequencies and see what the result is

5. Sometimes the lights do not light up. If you are doing something that is not "killing" then it does not like up, like a vitamin program

6. The 5V frequencies don't light up the red lights. Try a 20v program.

For more details, please check the link:

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