If a friend comes to me and I do a Biofeedback Scan with my GenX, how do I get the results onto his computer so that he can run the results on his XM?

The GenX biofeedback scans are located Spooky2 > ScanData. Each of them is named "BFB YourName Date", so I imagine you could copy your friend's scan to a memory stick and then he'd transfer that to the ScanData folder of his Spooky2 folder. (This assumes he has the latest software.) 

Another way to do it would be to create a preset on your computer incorporating your friend's scan (i.e. insert it into his chosen Remote, Contact or Plasma shell, e.g. Killing (R) - JK), then copy that from your User Folder onto a memory stick. He would then transfer that to his own User Folder.

Just make sure that your friend is running the latest version of Spooky2 (the preset file format changed because of GX, and it can't be read on older copies of Spooky).

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