Is it possible to turn off 1 generator and restart it without stopping and restarting all the other generators?

I'm getting the sense that you are not just stopping and then starting it back up later which would be as simple as click stop and later start when you wanted to start the generator back up.

Sounds like you want to stop the generator, remove it from the system physically (maybe to go to another computer for a scan), and then bring it back in and re-install without affecting the other generators.

If I nailed your scenario, then the answer is you can't.

All generators are discovered and initialized on startup.

Removal of one doesn't cause the others to stop running, but to get it back on the system you have to either restart the software, or run the rescan devices, which simulates restarting the software in terms of searching and initializing all generators found.

This of course will affect all generators already running.

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