Which kinds of settings can be loaded into GeneratorX?

When you press "Load" to add programs to GeneratorX, the settings saved in GeneratorX are Frequency, Waveform, Amplitude, Offset, Duty Cycle, Gate and Dwell.

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    Peter Daw

    Hi there. I didn't realize that terrain preset won't work on the genx. I'm running it in stand alone mode so how do I get around that? Do I select she'll preset > remote > kill > programs > then add the programs that make up terrain and save that? Thanks.

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    Penny Yu

    Hi Peter,

    You can load the single preset in Terrain protocol one by one into GeneratorX. Please check the instruction here: https://www.spooky2-mall.com/blog/how-to-load-and-run-terrain-protocol-using-generatorx/

    Best regards,


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