Is it ok to use the GX tens pads for Biofeedback close to the throat? can I use the TENs pads little away from Heart area around the lungs as I started to cough as well?

1) The problem with using TENS on the throat is if it causes the throat to resonate and the muscles contract, it can cut off blood supply to the brain as your carotid artery is right there.

Be pretty hard to fix this issue if you passed out and the end results not pretty.

There are other concerns as well.

So the warning to never place pads above the neckline are in place to help people avoid finding out the hard way.

To scan the throat, use the back of each shoulders as the location for your pads.

This will allow the current to enter safely and catch the throat as it passes nearby. Whatever is in your throat is also in your blood and can be detected as it flows past the area being scanned.

2) Left/Right of torso. If you go all the way up to the arm pits, you are bisecting the heart.

If you keep it at midpoint, just below the solar plexus, you should be fine.

I scanned my mom on the right wrist, and still picked up possible frequencies associated with her lungs most likely due to the fact that blood flows through the body and quickly.

Certainly the closer you can get to an issue, the more likely you will not pickup other issues that you are not trying to target.

However, the body still will report back what it prioritizes especially if it ranks higher than what we prioritize.

You may be best served to scan just the torso as indicated above, and use just those results for 24 hours before you try targeted scans.

See my tip of the day regarding GX scans to find out how to pull out all the frequencies you can from one scan.

It may address both the throat and the lungs without having to do multiple scans.

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