When doing a BFB scan with Genx. Which is the recommended mode- current, angle or angle and current. I have been doing what seems to be recommended all three but is this necessary?

Long story short, there are two factors being measured when you do the scan. Current and Angle.

Thus we have 3 different ways to interpret the data, each individually, and both combined.

Since we are just starting, we do not yet know which of the 3 methods returns results that are better, for now we recommend you pull all 3.

Diseased tissue has a increased capacitance over healthy tissue -- this means that it conducts current better.

Many studies show that using phase angle to detect biological resonance is the way to go, so we don't want to leave this out. I'm not going to go into how this works in this post, as it is a bit more difficult to convey.

Current tends to pull lower frequencies out from the scan than Angle does.

Which is the way to go?

Angle + Current may duplicate frequencies from both, but has the ability to pull unique frequencies that spiked in both categories... maybe this is the way to go.

So the answer to your question really boils down to, if you take all 3 for now, you get the best from them all.

Feel free to modify it as you see fit. The starting point is to give you the best chance at extracting that which will effect change.

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