I keep reading with the new remote units you can reduce the dwell from 180. Is this correct and what is the recommended setting now with the Genx new boosts and new remotes?

I do not recommend you reduce the dwell.

You may be able to reduce the total number of application cycles, from 120 to maybe 60, but this is not confirmed yet on a mass scale.

Only you will really know if after 60 loops, if you should continue on.

This was based not on the GX by the way, but on the efficacy rate of the new v2.0 remote. The 120 cycles is based on the v1.1 remotes.

In the end, if one were to continue to use the default dwell of 180 and 120 cycles as a rule of thumb even on the v2.0 remote, then you have better odds that you didn't stop short.

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