What happens if I have a power cut while my Spooky2 is running.

If you know the timing of the power outage, just do the following.

Take notes of where you are on each generator just to be safe in case you need to re-index manually.

Record the values on the control panel, the preset # for chained presets is what you want.

For regular presets, since they repeat often, not so important. Just capture what you had loaded on the generator (preset name).

Then prior to the power outage, do a global stop. Exit software.

Power all equipment down.

When power comes back, power back on everything, generators first, then computer.

Then start the software, and before you do anything else, go to Global, Resume.

This should start every generator back up right where it left off.

Examine them to ensure they are in fact what you expect.

If anything is off, use the notes you took earlier to reset.

The only reason it would be off is if your generator's came back up on different port numbers.

If you are running plasma, and also wired up for a contact treatment from a generator, you run risk of conducting energy between yourself, the generator, and the computer.

Low risk, but it does exists.

This also goes for if you are wired to the central for the modified contact.

All depends on how well your equipment is shielded, and not all equipment is made the same.

The good news is that it should not affect treatment. What it could do is affect the equipment.

For more details, please check from this link:

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