I started Schuman preset on remote on 12 generators. But I noticed, that there is only one frequency, which is running on this preset. Is it OK to have more than one remote running at the same time?

Wow, 12 generators. That may be overkill, but let us know how it works out.

The Schumann-Resonator preset only uses one frequency as a seed.

However, from this one frequency, it generates 8 frequencies, 2 at a time.

It is a very organic output, much like how the real Schumann behaves.

You do not have to worry about static frequencies with this one, unless your comms channel locks up, then it will go static with two frequencies being generated.

I'm not really sure that more generators will offer much more efficacy.

When we do this with a kill program, there is usually like 4 hours between frequencies, and so if you stagger on 12, you can get it to repeat 12 times every 4 hours, and then repeat every 4 hours the same 12 repeat pattern (reason for stagger).

Schumann-Resonator if you look, is moving between frequencies 7.83 times a second.

Given how it works, it is not really repeating anything, as the timing creates a signal that is fluctuating.

So when you spread it out on 12 generators, you just have 12 different operations going at once.

For more details, please check from this link:

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