What can the Spooky Essential kit do that the Central cannot do and vice versa? What’s the difference?

1. Spooky Essential kit can do:
- Spooky Remote (non contact) treatment
- Contact treatment (electrodes)
- Low level Laser treatment
- Spooky Pulse (Biofeedback)

Spooky Central can do:
- Plasma (straight plasma tube or Phanotron tube) treatment
- Ultrasonic treatment
- PEMF treatment (Note 1)
- Contact treatment (Note 2)

The PEMF coil that comes as standard with Spooky Central can be purchased separately and driven by Generator XM or GeneratorX.

PEMF treatment on Spooky Central is different to PEMF treatment when driven by Generator XM/GenertorX.

Contact treatment on Spooky Central is different to Contact treatment when driven by Generator XM/GenertorX.

Note 1. Spooky Central PEMF:
PEMF provides powerful magnetic fields that pulse one hundred times a second, delivering a 29-volt spike of energy at the end of each pulse. The fields are globular, and they extend six inches from the coil, making it perfect for problems whose locations are known. PEMF is designed to be used together with plasma, but it can also be used without a generator connected.

Note 2. Spooky Central Contact:
Contact Mode on this machine is a very different animal. Uniquely, it's capable of true reversible cell electroporation. This opens up pathogen and cancer cell walls many times a second using 320-volt spikes, with each spike "hole" opening for one half of one millionth of a second, allowing plasma-delivered frequencies to directly access and destroy the cell contents.

2. Just wanted to add...

The essential kit provides generators and accessories to be used on the generator. It is what generates the frequencies.

The central is an amplifier to drive the plasma tube. It still needs a generator from like an essentials kit to drive it.

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